Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Our Adoption Fundraisers...

We have been overwhelmed, totally blown away, by our friends who have offered to host fundraisers for our adoption and by those that have supported our adoption so far.

When we adopted Asher, we were able to do it independently and save us a little money, but last year the U.S. passed a law that required all American citizens pursuing an international adoption to now go through an agency to adopt. So we currently have an agency, but every time we have to send money I cringe because I feel like I could be doing the work and saving us money on fees.  :-/

Adoption is so very expensive and we truly appreciate the support of friends and even of those that don't know us! Here is a list of upcoming/past fundraisers for our adoption...

Date TBA - Zumba Fundraiser w/Lara Myers at Fit for Her

November-December 2015 - Just Love Coffee Roaster Fundraiser

October 2015 - T-shirt fundraiser (raised $761!)

September 2015 - T-shirt fundraiser (raised $527!)

July 27-30 - Lularoe Clothing Fundraiser (raised $1,000!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 - Giant Subs & Deli fundraiser (raised $470!)

May 2015 - T-shirt fundraiser (raised $647!)