Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ugandan Bags and Beads for Sale

When I went to Uganda this past June, I had the privilege of visiting Arise and Shine babies home in Jinja, which is in southern Uganda. Arise and Shine is run by an AmAzInG woman named Sharon Nyanjura. Sharon is doing awesome things for her community - including running an orphanage for about 25 children; she began a school and is offering education to over 200 children; she has several income-generating projects going on which is helping employ many, many people who would otherwise be jobless; and she has Adult Outreach classes, as well, teaching adults about how to read and educating them about Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Two of her income-generating projects employs single women and widows and educates them on how to make beautiful Ugandan beaded jewelry and bags. I was able to bring many of the items they make home with me to sell here in the States. As I sell items, I send 100% of their sales back to Sharon which, in turn, goes back to these ladies and to the Arise and Shine babies home.

As you begin your holiday shopping, or if you just need a special and unique gift item, PLEASE consider purchasing some of these beads and bags. When you purchase one of these items, you are shopping with purpose and giving back to a community half a world away. These items are very well made, yet they offer a very affordable price. If you are interested in anything, please send me an e-mail to and describe what you'd like to purchase. (You can also purchase some of these items at Dolce Vita in Owasso and Creme de la Creme Boutique in Downtown Collinsville.)

Thank you for looking and please help spread the word!

Short chain - $10
Triple chain - $15
Long chain - $25
Chunky necklace - $25
Sling bag #1 - $15
Sling bag #2 - $15
Sling bag #3 - $15
Sling bag #4 - $15
Sling bag #5 - $15
Sling bag #6 - $15
Sling bag #7 - $15
Sling bag #8 - $15 
Ugandan Bag #1 with reinforced rings - $20 
Ugandan Bag #2 with reinforced rings - $20
Shopping bag made from recycled sugar bags - $25
Shopping bag made from recycled sugar bags - $25
Coin purses - $5

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  1. Hi! I was so excited to read your blog! I am a very sporadic blogger but follow the links at ugandaadoptionblogs. We were just referred two little girls from Arise and Shine!! I have heard such good things about the orphanage and especially Sharon. So great to hear you say such good things too! We are waiting on our investigation to be complete right now and are hoping it all goes through and things truly are as they seem. God knows and we are trusting in Him. We lost a referral in the spring so are hopeful for these two precious girls!