Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A New Normal

Well - we've been trying to figure out our new "normal" with Asher in our lives. He has brought a new level of noise and boisterousness to our home ;-)  He's all boy, eats constantly, and is on the go at all times! He loves cars, trains, and balls. His language is increasing & he's putting 3 and 4 words together to form sentences. Mackenzie & Abby have been so good with him. They like to get him up in the morning and change his diaper, get him dressed, feed him breakfast, and help him brush his teeth. They are such good little mamas. Here's a few pics of what life has been like for us since we've been home...

So many people have told us how Asher just "fits" into our family and we have to agree. It's like he's been there all along. They also tell us what a blessed boy he is but we consider ourselves to be the blessed ones. He's been such a joy and we are so thankful to God for bringing him into our home.

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