Monday, December 23, 2013

Adoption Finalization Day!

Thursday, December 19, 2013 was Asher's Adoption Finalization Day - what a long awaited event for all of our family! I reflect back exactly two years ago when I felt God was calling us to adopt and here we are full circle with a little guy joining our family. Our crazy journey was full of ups and downs but it's finally come to a close of this chapter in our lives. Asher has done amazingly well and our love for him continues to grow more and more every day - as if that's even possible.

Because I'm a sucker for comparison pics...

 And here's a few more pics while at court finalizing Asher's adoption...

Isn't he handsome?! Steve taught him to say, "I'm fly!" ;-)

Steve took the stand first - when asked, he almost forgot our anniversary date, lol!

Asher wanted to take the stand with me but once he realized he could hear his own voice in the microphone, he didn't want to stop talking! Soooo...Steve had to come get him off the stand as he was enjoying himself a little too much ;-)

Our family of five with our judge

Our family with Steve's parents & my niece and nephew

Our family with Steve's sister and her husband and children

The ride home...

The celebration afterwards at our house...

What a blessed day - thank you, God, for taking us down a path we would have never chosen for ourselves. Your plan is always better than our own - Jeremiah 29:11-13.

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