Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Happy Mother's Day Tale

So it looks like the adoption chapter of our lives is not over.

For about 4-5 months now I've been having the longing to adopt again but I thought we were done so I didn't really think any more about it. Then the girls started up with their begging to adopt again. Then about 1 1/2 months ago, we learned of a girl (we'll call her "Mercy") that is in a babies home in Uganda. She has been there about three years now and sadly they haven't been able to find anyone locally to care for her. So we were asked if we'd consider adopting her.

I said yes right away in my heart but we prayed about it & talked things through for over a month. Steve gave his okay one day last week so we are starting the process to adopt her! I'm super excited & I get to meet her when I go to Uganda this summer - wasn't expecting that when I first started planning this trip! So that's our news. We are going into it open-minded & just have big faith that God's will will be done. Your prayers are so appreciated - especially for little Mercy. Please pray that God would prepare her heart to live with her forever family, for God's protection over her, for good health, and for her to bond well with her forever family. Asher has fit so well into our family & we attribute that all to prayer so if you think of us, please pray. We have a crazy road ahead of us but we know it's hard going into it & are prepared for whatever comes our way. Thanks & God bless! ;-)  ‪

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Blog Update: We are Mercy's forever family! You can follow her journey here. <3 Thank you, Jesus, for writing the best stories!


  1. Congratulations on your second adoption! Do you mind telling me which children's home you are working with in Uganda? My husband and I were in the process of a second Ugandan adoption, but we found out the child has a biological family member willing and able to care for her. Any help is much appreciated!

  2. Oh my!!!! Just saw this!!! That is so wonderful!!!!! Wow! Mercy!!! Is she with the same home? So many questions and we really need to catch up. We just moved to Ireland..... such a long story that needs to go in an email. I will send you an update later :). love Naomi