Friday, February 15, 2013

We Have Adoption T-Shirts!

You've heard the phrase "Blood is thicker than water" meaning that the bonds between family (blood) are more important (thicker) than those formed with friends (water). But does blood define a family? We like to think LOVE is thicker than water. We want our adopted son to know that our love for him is greater than any blood bond could have formed and even though he was not born from my womb, he was born in our hearts.

If you believe the same thing - that LOVE is thicker than water, please consider purchasing this t-shirt and a majority of the funds will go towards our adoption expenses. Thank you for your purchase and for helping provide one more child with a forever family!

For more info or to place your order, please go here.

(The guys at The Okay See have been so great to work with and such a blessing to our family. Check out the other shirts they have available including OKC Thunder, OU, & OSU, too!)

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