Friday, May 3, 2013

Home At Last!

It's been a long, hard 8 weeks but we are so grateful to God to say we are HOME AT LAST! Our time in Uganda was spent with lots of ups and downs, sickness, hurry and wait times, experiencing a new culture, adventures, making new friends - all part of the experience and what an experience it was! But as difficult as it was at times, we wouldn't trade it for the world. Our faith in God has grown in ways that it probably would not have had we still be living in our "box" at home in the States. God strengthened us to keep on keeping on and we literally saw miracles performed right before our eyes - especially towards the end of our process. We are also so very grateful to our friends and family who have followed our journey and prayed for us  every step of the way. Your prayers were definitely felt and appreciated.

So for the next several posts, we're going to share our experience with you that you couldn't read on facebook ;-) . While adoption is not for everyone, my biggest prayer today is that families everywhere at least consider how they can be involved in orphan care in some way - whether it be through sponsoring a child, contributing donations to an orphanage, supporting organizations that encourage family reunification, etc. Just a few years ago, we would have never thought adoption was for our family. I always thought it was a neat thing that other people did but it was not for us. Then in December 2011, I felt a very strong sense (I believe from God) that we were called to adopt. I remember arguing with Him thinking, "How can we do this at mine and Steve's age and at this stage in our lives? It's too life changing and too big of a commitment! And there's no way we could leave our lives for 2 months to travel to Uganda!" Those thoughts were overtaken by bigger reminders of how blessed we are living in America. We have a home, Steve has a job that provides for our family, and we have love to give - so how could we say no to a child that needs a forever family? We couldn't.

And our journey begins...


  1. Are you still needing $20,100.00 for the adoption????

  2. Oh, goody! This is going to be like getting a new book to read! Can't wait to get "the rest of the story". So happy for your sweet BIGGER family!