Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Easter at the Babies Home

March 31, 2013 - This was our first Easter away from family back home, but what a better way to spend it than at the Babies Home that Asher came from in Jinja, UG. Before we left on our trip, several people donated plastic eggs and candy for us to take with us for the kids there. It was their first time to hunt for eggs and our girls had so much fun hiding them. It had rained a lot the night before so everything was a muddy mess but I think the kids had fun anyway.

This was Asher's first time back since we took temporary custody of him on March 8th so we weren't sure how he'd react but he seemed to have a great time. He never wandered very far from my side and didn't like me holding other kids but I suppose that was to be expected and probably a good thing - bonding was going well ;-)

Asher's First Easter Egg Hunt

This is Sharon, the director of the babies home and our sweet friend. She has done so many amazing things for the home and for the people in a village about 3 hours away from Jinja. She has started a school, a family reunification program, and a tailoring and bead making project that trains women with skills so they can support their families. We pray that God gives her strength and endurance to continue her task at hand. We love her so much!

Mackenzie crocheted this baby blanket as a donation to the home.

Abby sewed and embroidered a small pillow for Sharon ;-)

Asher is wondering why I'm not holding him ;-)

"It's been fun!"

"Bye, friends!"

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