Thursday, July 18, 2013

He Is Not My Own

Our kids are only on loan to us for such a short time. They belong to God and He entrusts us with them while we are on Earth, so we wanted to make known publicly our commitment to Him to raise Asher in a Christian home. We'll do our best teaching him godly principles and are believing God to use him in big ways - He already has as Asher has been such a blessing to so many people already in his short life. And his story is a great reminder to us all how God adopted us, accepts us as we are, and loves us unconditionally.

Here are pics from his dedication at our church on Mother's Day weekend...

Then a few weeks later we had Asher blessed at the same church that Steve was raised in and his father is a pastor there, as well. It was a special time as Charlie has blessed all five of his grandchildren in that church...

Steve's sister gave this necklace to me. It reads, "We searched the world for you" and Asher's name is on the small circle charm. I love it so much!

This is a sweet card a family friend made for us - looks just like Asher!
And here's a little video of Asher praying at bedtime. We think he may be a pastor someday with the way he says his zealous "Amen!" ;-)

Our family is so very thankful for all who prayed for our adoption journey and for those that continue to pour into Asher's life. We look forward to seeing what great things this little guy will accomplish!

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