Thursday, October 24, 2013

Celebrating 6 Months Home With Asher Today!

Wow! 6 months?! Time has sure flown by! It's hard to imagine just 6 months ago we walked through the doors of Tulsa International Airport with our little guy...

Life since then has honestly been greater than we could have ever imagined. Of course, it's not "perfect", and we have plenty of toddler break-downs, parental discipline mess-ups, and sibling rivalry but things are still going so much better than we imagined it would. Adoption is messy and scary and amazing. It has taught us so much about our own relationships with Christ and how he loves us just as we are. Our 13 year-old daughter, Mackenzie, even wrote a brief post about that topic yesterday. She wrote, "Before God came to us, we were basically orphans who didn't have a purpose in life. We didn't have anyone to guide us and give us hope. But now we were given a new meaning, a new life to chase after!!!"

While Asher's life is different now than what he had in the babies home 8 months ago, he has given us new purpose, new meaning, and a new life to chase after. He has blessed us so much more than we could ever bless him.

We are amazed at the changes we've seen since he's been with us! He has gained 8 pounds since we met him in March and has grown 3 inches since May. Every day his language is developing and he sings and talks non-stop!

We've had so much fun watching him with his "firsts"...

First trip to the zoo; Entebbe Zoo in UG, March 2013

First time to go swimming, Uganda, March 2013

First Oreo cookie, Uganda, March 2013 (Think he liked it?!)

First indoor playground, Uganda, March 2013

First moving ride, Uganda, March 2013

First boat ride, Nile River in UG, March 2013

First Easter egg hunt, Uganda, March 2013

First motorcycle ride (a.k.a. boda boda), Uganda, April 2013

First trip to the park, April 2013

First trip to the pet store, May 2013

First trip to the mall, May 2013

First Memorial Day, 2013
First time to play in mud (with our girls, anyway), May 2013

First sno cone, June 2013

First race, Orphan Run, June 2013

First painting, June 2013

First face painting, June 2013

First time to pick blackberries, June 2013

First 4th of July, 2013

First haircut since we've been home, July 2013

First trip to an amusement park, July 2013

First Mommy & Me yoga class, July 2013

First bicycle, August 2013

First day of Parent's Day Out, August 2013

First trip to the pumpkin patch, Oct. 2013

First parade, Oct. 2013

First trip to Eskimo Joe's, Oct. 2013

Okay, so I'm a sap. Thank you for obliging me with his "firsts". ;-) We are so looking forward to many more "firsts" - especially first snow this winter and first Christmas with our family. Asher has been such a huge blessing to us and we just can't imagine life without him!

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