Saturday, January 19, 2013

Upcoming Fundraisers

Just wanted to post an update on some upcoming fundraisers for our adoption!

A great big huge thank you goes out to my sweet friend, Jennifer, who set up our next fundraiser at Baja Jacks on February 2nd...

Some of my sweet Zumba friend instructors are going to put on a benefit class for us on Friday, February 15th at Fit For Her in Owasso. This will be so much fun! I hope lots of friends and family come out and join this Zumba party!

We have been selected as the "Featured Family of the Week" for Give1Save1: Africa. The premise behind what they do is to encourage everyone to give $1 (of course, more is appreciated if you are able to give more) towards the featured family's adoption expenses which will help save 1 orphan.

We'd like to thank all of those so much who have contributed to our adoption and especially to those who have prayed for our journey. We appreciate you so very much. Our adoption "theme" is "One Less" - meaning one less orphan. UNICEF estimates there are 210 million orphans in the world today. We are excited to bring one into our home and give him a forever family. We are so inspired by those who have already walked this path and we hope to encourage other families who are considering adopting or fostering, as well. It's such a great thing and something we can all be involved with in some way. So thank you to all who are contributing to our adoption - you are helping us get one step closer to our goal!

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  1. This is so exciting!! We are praying for you! We have just started the adoption process and fundraising too! So, we understand the prayers needed!It is so neat to meet people in the process especially in the same town!! Can't wait to see the blessings that pour over your family! God is good!! We experienced that with our garage sale fundraiser this weekend. God has great plans!!