Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why Not Adoption?

I would have never dreamt our family to be in the place that we are today. Like I've said before, I never imagined our family adopting. I've always been supportive of it and thought it was a great thing for other families to do but I didn't think it was for us - and especially not at this point in our lives. But within the last year, God has given me a passion for adoption and has stirred our family's hearts with a love and compassion for orphans.

I felt "the call" this time last year and had to ask myself "Why not adoption?" Did we understand God's command to care for orphans? Yes. Was there any legitimate reason why we couldn't bring another child into our home? No. Did we have love to give? Yes. Could we continue living our comfortable, every day lives knowing that there are children without forever families? No. We had to do our part. It's  such a small part but we are seeing a movement, even in our own community, where families are stepping up and saying yes. Yes to The Call. Yes to forever families. Yes to adoption.

And let me add that by saying "yes", we are not saying it only out of obligation. We are truly looking forward to bringing "Little M" home to live with our family. We are so excited to have a little guy in our house! Of course, it's going to be a bit of a learning experience since we're so used to our quiet and crafty girls but we are beyond thrilled and hope it happens sooner rather than later!

This is a great video about the need for orphan care and how everyone can play a part in following after God's passion of caring for the least of these...


(Be sure to stop the music at the top of this page before playing the video.)

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